Practice Areas

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The firm JARA ADVOCATS, it aims to provide an effective and professional advice in different legal areas.

CIVIL LAW: Obligations and contracts in general, leases, evictions, real state advise, right of the building, banking political, claim credits, compensation damage of traffic accidents and/or labour.

  • Family Law: Separation, divorce, unmarried couples, marriage annulment, property settlement, custody, alimony, inheritance, inability, guardianship, and administration.

COMMERCIAL LAW: corporate, construction, amendment, mergers, splits, absorption, dissolution, challenge and negotiation of agreements, preparation and assistance to gather not, covenants with shareholders, family protocols, commercial contracts, responsibilities of administrators and trustees of societies.

  • Bankruptcy Law: Preparation and presentation of competition between creditors, promotion of competition as a creditor of third, appearance in competitions as a creditor, bankruptcy incidents.

ADMNINISTRATIVE LAW: Efforts in front of the public administration local, regional and state resources against acts of the administration including legal process. Expropriations, lither the processed as follow in front of the jury of expropriation and provincial administrative litigation.

  • Urbanism: Management and comprehensive advice, constitutions, the processing of applications, partial planes from workers, compensation boar.

CRIMINAL LAW: Economic crime, against the public finances, against the heritage, environmental, gather not compensation, against the rights of workers.

LABOR LAW: Legal advice to enterprise, workers, dismissals. Claim of quantities, incapacitation.

FISCAL AND FINANCIAL ADVICE: In this specialization is counted with the collaboration external to the dispatch of professionals with proverb experience in this area.